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document "HYMN - For Fourth July--1826"
Jul 4, 1826
Samuel Willard (1776-1859), minister of Deerfield who was born the year the country began the war for independence from Great Britain, composed this fourth of July hymn on the 50th anniversary of that occasion.
document "The Sweet Little Man."
c. 1861
This satirical poem describes men who shirked their military duty during the Civil War.
document "Sally Come Up"
"Sally Come Up" was performed by Dave Reed with the Buckley's Serenaders to rave reviews.
document "Caroll & Queen's Double Clog Dance"
Dick Carroll and Johnnie Queen were the first men in a minstrel show to perform a double clog dance.
Cover "An American"
Kipling's poem, published in 1896, is a critical description of the American character in Kipling's eyes. Kipling published it after four turbulent years spent in Brattleboro, Vermont.
document "Pegasus of Apollo" from "The Worcester Magazine"
This song was published in the Worcester Magazine (Massachusetts) and is pointedly in favor of the insurgency called Shays' Rebellion.
Page 1 Toasts for Independence
Independence Day toasts reveal much about the political climate of the times.
document Broadside of Abraham Lincoln's elegy
Nov 30, 1864
After the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, tributes of many kinds were published.
document "Give Me Three Grains of Corn, Mother" poem in the Hamsphire Gazette newspaper
Mar 21, 1847
This poem describes the dying moments of one of the victims of the Irish potato famine.
document "List of Grievances" poem published in the Hampshire Gazette newspaper.
Mar 14, 1787
This list of grievances for which the rebels sought redress is in the form of a poem or song.


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