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document "Jemima or The Witch of Bender"
Dec 3, 1902
Posters such as this both advertised a play and served as a playbill.
document "$50 Reward"
Oct 2, 1843
Elected officials often offered a monetary reward as a way of obtaining information about a crime or criminals.
document "Keep them smiling"- WWI broadside
c. 1918
This World War I poster helped raise funds for troops overseas.
front "Giant Oxen" Poster

This poster promoted the Avery Oxen of Buckland, Massachusetts, in the 1890s.
front "Avery Oxen" Poster

This poster advertised the "Giant Oxen" show, a traveling wonder from Buckland, Massachusetts.
front "Harvest Home Fair" Poster
c. 1896
The Avery Oxen were a top draw at a fair held in 1896 in the Harlem River Park. The Park then served as a recreation spot for many German immigrants.
document "Auction! The Lee Place"
Nov 5, 1892
An auction from 1892 points to one family's economic distress and came just as the nation was entering one of the largest depressions in United States history.
document "Boots, Shoes & Rubbers for Everybody at Sovereign's Cash Shoe Store"
c. 1880
In the years after the Civil War, shoe stores sprang up across America to sell the new machine-made shoes.
document Lincoln and Hamlin Election Ticket
1860 Republican national and state of Massachusetts election ticket.
document "Catalogue of Books in the Deerfield Agricultural Library"
c. 1845
The 19th century was a time period in which people organized into groups, societies, and clubs, a time of joining; Deerfield was home to agricultural societies, literary societies, and reading associations.


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