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document Austin Towers' receipt from the Shelburne Falls Marble Co.
Dec 29, 1896
The Shelburne Falls Marble Company, one of the town's leading industries, was operated by David Temple. Temple was an important town leader who was instrumental in building Shelburne's trolley links to the world.
document "Receipt To Color Blue"
c. 1850
In order to dye clothing or thread before the availability of commercially produced dyes, people made their own concoctions to ensure that the dye remained bonded to the fabric, as this recipe details.
Page 1 "Proportions and Directions for Making Lee's Patent Mineral and Vegetable Soap"
c. 1870
This formula for a "patent soap" was sold to a storekeeper to use to create his own soap for sale to customers.
document Receipt for firearms of Theodore Barnard
Mar 6, 1788
This receipt records that eleven firearms, probably connected with Shays' Rebellion, were confiscated by Mr. Theodore Barnard and turned over to Titus King in Northampton, Massachusetts.
document Receipt of Cornelius Jones
Jun 3, 1784
This is an official record of a debt paid in Hatfield, Massachusetts, on June 3, 1784.
document Tax Receipt of Justin Hitchcock
Apr 22, 1788
Receipt for taxes paid by Justin Hitchcock of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
document Tax receipt of Justin Hitchcock
Nov 30, 1787
Receipt for taxes paid by Justin Hitchcock of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
document Tax receipt of Alpheus Moore for Ebenezer Hinsdale's property
Jan 30, 1789
Receipt for taxes paid by Alphius Moore of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
document Receipt of Seth Sheldon for dance tuition
May 19, 1828
This receipt for four dollars is for one-quarter of the tuition owed to "Mr. Paulette" for dancing [school] for "a young lady," probably Arabella Sheldon, b. 1812.


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