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Title page "New And True Stories For Children, With 100 Pictures"
This schoolbook, published in New York in 1849, helped to satisfy a big demand for schoolbooks in New England and New York.
Front matter 1 Nathan Loomis' Copy Book
Mar 5, 1815
Copy books were used in schoolroom exercises in the 19th century, this one, used by Nathan Loomis, to display skill with the pen. One Nathan Loomis' descendents was Amherst's Mabel Loomis Todd.
Cover "The New McGuffey Second Reader"
c. 1901
William Holmes McGuffey authored what would become one of the 19th century's biggest sellers, McGuffey's Readers. His readers taught science, history, and morality, among other subjects.
Inside cover "An American Selection of Lessons in Reading and Speaking"
Although he is best-remembered today for his American dictionary, Noah Webster also wrote and published some of the most successful American textbooks of the late 18th and early 19th century.
Title page "Geography Made Easy"
This 1798 geography schoolbook provided children in New England with a "window to the world."
Title page "Smith's Geography on the Productive System; for Schools, Academies, and Families"
Spellers, readers, arithmetic books, and geography texts like Roswell Smith's Geography, with its typical question-and-answer format, were the most widely-owned schoolbooks in the 1830s and '40s.
Title page "A Practical System of Modern Geography"
This 1841 geography schoolbook, with its "numerous engravings of manners and customs," provided school children with a visual "window to the world."
Title page "Universal Geography, Ancient and Modern: Comparison and Classification"
This 1827 geography school textbook approached the study of geography through "comparison and classification" of the "Degrees of Civilization" of races and countries in the same manner in which it made comparisons of the size of towns, rivers and mountains.
Title page "The New England Primer"
c. 1905
Schoolbooks were profitable for printers in New England and New York as the northeast took the lead in the public education movement in the years of the New Republic.
Title page "Rudiments of Reading"
"Readers" such as this example were among the most common of early 19th century schoolbooks. This one is by the Rev. Samuel Willard, minister in Deerfield in 1815.


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