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front Sewing Machine
This small sewing machine may have been produced locally by one of the many small area sewing machine companies in the 19th century.
front Hand Stamp
These stamps were used to print patterns on cloth for embroidery or braidwork.
front Hatchel/Hackle

This fearsome-looking tool is simply a comb for aligning flax fibers prior to spinning them into linen thread.
front Great Wheel
c. 1780
Great wheels were only for spinning wool.
front New Home Sewing Machine with attachments distributed by Priscilla Needlework Company
c. 1920
"Priscilla" was a private brand manufactured by the New Home Sewing Machine Company of Orange, Massachusetts.
front Niagara Falls pin cushion
c. 1889
A Tuscarora made this beaded pin cushion "From Niagara Falls" for a flourishing tourist trade.
Front matter Niagara Falls needle case
c. 1889
Buying Native made crafts at Niagara provided turn-of-the-century tourists the opportunity to connect with nature and Native culture.
front Spinning Jenny
c. 1800
This is a rare, smaller domestic version of the water-powered spinning jenny, invented in England.
front Niddy-Noddy
c. 1800
Women used niddy-noddys to measure homespun yarn for length and to keep it from tangling.
front Flax Wheel
c. 1775
Although some women used foot or flax wheels, transforming flax into linen was a laborious and complex process generally less common in America than spinning more easily processed sheep's wool into yarn.


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