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Page 1 Excerpt from "Our Busy Town"
c. 1950
In 1786 a group of insurgents led by Daniel Shays acted to prevent the Court at Northampton, Massachusetts, from sitting and hearing cases against debtors.
Title page "Deerfield History"
c. 1840
This History of Deerfield, Massachusetts by Pliny Arms was never published.
Page 47 "Deerfield History"
c. 1840
This history of Deerfield, Massachusetts, was written c.1840 by Pliny Arms
Title page "Review of the Military Operations in the Northern Campaign" by Epaphras Hoyt
Epaphras Hoyt (1765-1850) was deeply interested in military science and published several treatises for use of the army.
Page 1 "Biographical Memoir of Rev. John Williams," by Stephen West Williams.
c. 1830
This unpublished manuscript was written by Dr. Stephen West Williams of Deerfield, Massachusetts, about his ancestor, Deerfield's first minister, the Rev. John Williams (1664-1729).
Title page "Ancient History of Pocomptuck or Deerfield...".by Stephen West Williams
This "Ancient History of Deerfield [Massachusetts]," is composed of facts collected and arranged by Stephen West Williams in 1836.
Title page "Historical Collections, being a General Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes &c.",
Thanks to John Warner Barber, we can see what dozens of towns looked like in the 1830s.


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