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front Pot Hook

The iron pot hook, made by a blacksmith of wrought iron, was used to hang pots and kettles over the cooking fire.
front Bake Kettle
Cooking in a fireplace using iron cookware such as this bake kettle required strength as well as skill.
front Sword
In their eagerness to find and preserve items of Revolutionary War significance, collectors sometimes included objects of a later date like this saber.
front French Knife
A South Deerfield, Massachusetts, resident dug up this knife of French manufacture on the site of Bloody Brook, an Native American ambush in 1675 of an English grain convoy.
front Long-handled frying pan
c. 1775
Made of wrought iron by a blacksmith, this frying pan has a history of use in the Revolutionary army.
front Toasting iron
This decorative and useful iron kitchen implement was used to toast bread in front of the fire, on the hearth.
front "Aaron Denio" dinner pot
c. 1760
This cast iron pot belonged to Aaron Denio (1704-1780), son of Abigail (Stebbins) de Noyon (1687-1740) who was taken captive in the 1704 Raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts.
front Clock works
c. 1744
These clock works ran the clock in the Congregational Meetinghouse in Deerfield, Massachusetts, in the 18th century.
front Bread Peel
The peel, or slice, shaped like a flat shovel, was used for many purposes around the fireplace, but especially for placing and removing food from the wall oven.
front Bear Trap
This iron trap was probably used to catch fur-bearing animals such as beavers.


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