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front Carpet Bag
Known as a "carpet bag" because it is fashioned from the heavy carpeting ordinarily seen on floors, this leather-handled bag, complete with a metal lock, was owned in Bennington, Vermont.
front Nurses Dress Uniform
c. 1919
Julia D.S. Snow of Greenfield, Massachusetts, wore this dress uniform on special occasions when she was a student in the Army School of Nursing during World War I.
front Sheldon Tapestry cushion cover
The Reverend Edward Taylor (1642-1729) brought this richly ornamented cushion cover from England when he emigrated in 1668 to England's recently-established Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Front matter Cadet's Uniform
Charles Jones cut a striking figure when he wore this uniform while drilling with the Franklin Cadets, a volunteer militia company organized in 1823.
front Whole Cloth Quilt
c. 1798
This "whole-cloth" 18th century quilt is made of three layers of wool; the top layer and bottom layer are of fabric and the middle, or filler layer, is fiber (often sheep's wool) all held together with running stitches in elaborate designs.
front Coat of Major Samuel Willard Saxton (1829-1933)
c. 1880
Major Samuel Willard Saxton (1829-1883) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, wore this military coat and epaulettes after his service in the Civil War and Freedmen's Bureau.
front Uniform Coat

This coat of a brigadier general was worn by Frederick Pierce in 1911. Pierce was in the Second Massachusetts Infantry, part of the Massachusetts militia. The coat's design is very similar to those worn during the Civil War.


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