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front Amethyst Vase
c. 1854
This amethyst blown glass vase was probably made at the New England Glass Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
front Whale-oil Lamp
c. 1840
This pressed-glass lamp to burn whale oil, is impressed with lyres or harps in the font.
front Milk Bottle
c. 1950
This Snow's Dairy bottle from around 1950 was typical of the post-war milk bottle. Individual bottles of milk became widespread in the 20th century as milk production mechanized.
front Milk Bottle
c. 1930
The returnable milk bottle generally sold milk from small producers and were returned to stores. When dairies became much larger in the 1940s and after, they did away with generic bottles in favor of their own labels.
front Milk Bottle
c. 1950
Milk bottles were usually delivered to households on a daily basis. As steam sterilizing equipment became mandatory, many small milk producers stopped selling milk directly, relying on large, centralized dairies to distribute their milk.
front "Guilford Mineral Spring Water, Guilford, Vermont" bottle

Drinking mineral water was advocated by 19th century health practitioners.
front Bottle
c. 1880
Saratoga bottles were used to sell mineral springs to Americans searching for restorative drinks.
front Mason Jar
The Mason Jar, invented by John L. Mason in 1858, was a triumph of 19th century inventiveness. With it, people could store food for months or years when before it would have gone bad.
front Mason Jar
The Mason jar was patented in 1858 and brought a greater reliability to the household food preservation process.
front Glass Pistol
c. 1889
This rare novelty glass pistol from the 1880s was probably once used to sell small quantities of a liquid like whiskey.


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