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front Sugar Bowl with Lid
c. 1840
This ceramic sugar bowl is a reminder of how sugar became increasingly affordable by the mid-19th century due to an expanding number of slave plantations in the Deep South.
front Feeding Vessel

This small vessel was used to feed patients at the Franklin County Public Hospital, Greenfield, Massachusetts.
front Bedpan

This turn-of-the-20th-century bedpan has an elegant shape for an inelegant function.
front Go and No-Go Thread and Plug Gages made by Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation during WWII
The quality of gages that could measure a piece of machinery as a "Go" or "No-Go" machine component, gave America a distinct advantage in World War II (WWII)
front Ceramic Pipe
Ceramic pipes were made and used by Native Americans in the Northeast beginning about 3000 years ago.
front Teapot
The six-legged teapot is decorated with a blue transfer-print and was made in England about 1826.
front Medicine cup
A Civil War soldier's courage and fortitude had to support him through long marches, onto deadly battlefields and into perilous army hospitals.
front Admiral Francis John Higginson (1843-1931)
c. 1900
Rear Admiral Francis J. Higginson (1843-1931) enjoyed a naval career that spanned the Civil War and a new century.
front Pitcher
The imagery on this jug was meaningful to early nineteenth century masculine tastes.


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