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front Threadwell Tap and Die Company's Tap & Die set made in WWII
In 1934, the Threadwell Tap & Die Company was formed and located on Arch Street in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
front Partial sample of Saleman's Kit marketed by Threadwell Tap and Die Company
c. 1950
This is an example of a part of a traveling salesman's kit for the Threadwell Tap & Die Company in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
front Millers Falls Company's Micrometer with box
c. 1940
This instrument can measure a dimension to within 1/10,000 of an inch precision.
front Bit Brace Drill manufactured by Millers Falls Company
c. 1940
This tool, made by the Millers Falls Company of Greenfield and Millers Falls, Massachusetts, is known as a "bit brace drill."
front Hunting and Skinning Knives manufactured by J. Russell & Company Green River Works
c. 1860
In 1840, with the advent of the pioneer migration westward, John Russell began the manufacture of hunting and skinning knives along the banks of the Green River in Deerfield, (later annexed to Greenfield), Massachusetts.
front Parts Manufacturing Company 3 dimensional airplane part
c. 1940
Parts Manufacturing Company in Greenfield, Massachusetts, produced finished parts for Pratt & Whitney Radial Aircraft Engines.
front Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation Limit snap gage with bullet
c. 1940
This "limit snap gage" was developed by the Greenfield Tap & Die Corporation (GTD) in Greenfield, Massachusetts.


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