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Highlights : Work : Women: Textile making

Subcategory Women: Textile making contains 12 item(s).

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front "Children at Play" Quilt
c. 1800
This quilt depicting "Children at Play" illustrates how quilts served a decorative function as well as providing warmth in unheated bedchambers.
front Spinning Jenny
c. 1800
This is a rare, smaller domestic version of the water-powered spinning jenny, invented in England.
front Flax Wheel
c. 1775
Although some women used foot or flax wheels, transforming flax into linen was a laborious and complex process generally less common in America than spinning more easily processed sheep's wool into yarn.
front Whole Cloth Quilt
c. 1798
This "whole-cloth" 18th century quilt is made of three layers of wool; the top layer and bottom layer are of fabric and the middle, or filler layer, is fiber (often sheep's wool) all held together with running stitches in elaborate designs.
front Embroidered pocket
Throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries pockets were not attached to women's and girls' clothing.
front Hand Stamp
c. 1775
This carved wooden block would be used to print a design on cloth.
front African-American woman sewing
Like his other drawings of slave and southern plantation life, this interior sketch of slave quarters by George Fuller (1822-1884) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, carefully details the spaces in which slaves worked and lived.
front Flail
A flail is used to separate, by hand, the seeds of grain (usually wheat) from the husks that protect them.
front Lace Making Pillow
c. 1820
document "Cloth from the Mill" advertisement
Sep 3, 1910
This advertisement was run just as the woolen mills in Holyoke hit a high point in the years before World War I.


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