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Highlights : Work : Women: Chores

Subcategory Women: Chores contains 12 item(s).

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front "Negro Nurse with a Child"
This painting by George Fuller of a child having her hair combed by her African American "nurse" was undoubtedly a product of Fuller's travels in the South just before the Civil War.
front Baby tender
c. 1820
In the absence of 'child-proofing,' baby tenders like this one kept young children in early 19th century households out of harm's way while older household members performed their day-to-day tasks.
front The Planet Dust Beater
c. 1900
The Planet Manufacturing Company patented this rug beater in 1895.
front Chamber Pot
c. 1820
Before the widespread adoption of indoor plumbing, chamber pots were found under beds in virtually every home.
front Bake Kettle
Cooking in a fireplace using iron cookware such as this bake kettle required strength as well as skill.
front Mortar and Pestle
c. 1825
Cooks or their helpers used a mortar and pestle to grind herbs, whole spices, rock salt, and loaf sugar to make them ready for use.
front Neck Yoke
A neck yoke made carrying buckets full of heavy water, milk or other liquids easier by balancing the load and distributing it onto the shoulders of the bearer.
front Electric iron
A Simplex Company electric iron of unusual weight. The first appliance patented after the electric light was the electric iron. This example probably was used commercially.
Four-legged Washtub

The 19th century manually-operated washing "machine" is an improvement over the separate washboard and tub of earlier years.
Front matter "Red Electric" Washing and Wringing Machine pamphlet
c. 1915
The instruction pamphlet accompanied the wooden "Red Electric" washing and wringing machine in 1915.


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