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document Map of Europe 1822
This map of Europe, depicting rivers, mountain ranges, bodies of water, and major cities, was published in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1822.
front Map "The world agreeable to the latest discoveries"
c. 1817
Harriet Goodhue (1799-1874) was about fifteen years old when she drew this world map for her course in cartography at Deerfield Academy.
Title page "Rudiments of Geography"
This 1823 geography school textbook approached the study of geography through "comparison and classification" of the "Degrees of Civilization" of races and countries in the same manner in which it made comparisons of the size of towns, rivers, and mountains.
Cover "Allies, Arise!"
With a distinct patriotic theme, this sheet music cover was for a song that was popular at the time of World War I, after the United States had entered the war.
Cover "America's Triumph at Panama"
The path between the seas - the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans - was ultimately completed by American workers in 1914.
document Share of the Canada-Cuba Land and Fruit Company, Limited
Jan 1, 1906
Charles Hart Ashley (1860-1925) bought $700 worth of stock in the Canada-Cuba Land and Fruit Company in 1905.
Cover "It Will Do You Good"- E. E. Flagg's Japanese Pain Reliever
c. 1900
Patent medicines often claimed to cure many unrelated conditions.
document "Farmers Help the Belgians"
Deerfield, Massachusetts, reacted to the German invasion of Belgium in 1914, during World War I, by holding a fund-raiser and starting a relief fund.
document "Will Visit Native Land" from The Greenfield Recorder
Jan 17, 1920
In 1920, two Polish-born residents of Turners Falls decided to return to Poland to wrap up some loose ends. With the end of World War I (1914-1918), travel had once again become possible to Poland.
document "The Need of an Immigration Test" article from the Greenfield Gazette and Courier newspaper
Jan 5, 1901
One of the methods opponents of immigration urged to stop the flow of arrivals from southern and eastern Europe was to impose a literacy test on new immigrants. But as this article shows, literacy tests were seen by these advocates as one way to stop immigration entirely.


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