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Page 1 Deerfield Academy Student Roster
For the first ten years after it opened on January 1, 1799, Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts, kept a written record of the students who attended each term.
Title page "The New England Primer"
c. 1905
Schoolbooks were profitable for printers in New England and New York as the northeast took the lead in the public education movement in the years of the New Republic.
Title page "A Practical System of Modern Geography: or View of the Present State of the World."
Given the author's strong New England bias, the subtitle of this 1831 geography school textbook, A View of the Present State of the World, might more accurately read "A New Englanders View of the Present State of the World."
Cover "Learning By Doing At Hampton"
Boarding schools like the Hampton Institute sought not merely to educate but also to indoctrinate young Native and African American students in the values and customs of white society.
Front matter 1 Nathan Loomis' Copy Book
Mar 5, 1815
Copy books were used in schoolroom exercises in the 19th century, this one, used by Nathan Loomis, to display skill with the pen. One Nathan Loomis' descendents was Amherst's Mabel Loomis Todd.
document Teacher Certificate
Nov 29, 1858
The school committee from Deerfield, Massachusetts, gave Sarah M. Briggs a certificate to teach in 1854. By then, three times more women than men taught in schools.
document "Reward of Merit" presented to Minnie Flagg
c. 1875
Elementary school students in the late 1700s through the turn of the 20th Century could earn "Rewards of Merit" from their teacher for good behavior and academic achievement.
Cover Botany notes from school book belonging to Agnes Higginson
Mar 28, 1859
Agnes Higginson Fuller, as a mid-19th century woman, had the uncommon experience of attending classes at an institution of higher education.


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