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A List of the Wearing Apparel, Books &c brot
with me to Richmond in Octr 1785. and Since

A Plaid Gown. A Great-Coat. A Surtout.
1 Coat, Casimier. 1 Do, Homespun.
1 Vest, Casimier. 2 Do, Homespun. 1 Do, Serge de Nim (black.)
1 Do, Jean. (Orange Colour.) 1 Do, Strip’d More. (black & White.)
1 Pair Breeches, Broadcloth. 1 Pr Do, Homespun. 1 Pr Do, Serge de Nim.
(black) 1 Pr Do, Satin Beaver. 1 Pr Do, Jean (Orange Colour) 1 Pr Drawers
(Linnen.) 1 Pr Breeches & Jacket (Solo bro’t up to have ye Small Pox in.
2 Pair brown Linnen Stockings. 1 Pr white Do do 1 Pr Cotton Do [ ]
1 Pr White Worsted Do (do) 1 Pr brown Do Do (do) 3 Pr Yarn Do (do)
3 Pr brown Linnen Gloves. 1 Pr White Do Do 1 Pr Woolen Do
5 Plain Shirts. 2 Ruffled do. 8 Stocks. 2 Towel Wrappen.
1 Bag Wrappen. 1 Do do (with pieces). 1 Bandanna Handkerf
1 checkd silk do 4 Linnen Do 1 check’d night Do 1 Bag balls &c.
1 Small [ Hair ? ] Trunk. 2 Pr Boots. 2 Pr Shoes. 1 Pr Spatter dashes
with buckles. 1 brown Hat. 1 brown & Green do 1 Old White do
1 Pr Jean Breeches, Vest do 1 Pr white Drab Breeches. 1 White
Jacket (French Quilting) 1 Strip’d Vest (Damascus) 1 Pr Flannel
Sleeves & pieces. 1 Pr brown thread Stockings. 1 Pr Gloves do
1 Pr thread Stockings (blue & white) 1 Night Handkerf (small [checks?]).
1 Pr Woolen Gloves. 2 Pair Leather Gloves (1 White 1 Brown). 1Black
Coat (Broadcloth)

Boerhaave’s Chymistry 1 Vol. [ ] Van Swietens Comment
on Boerhaave’s Aphorisms 8 Vol. Octo Brookes’s Introductn
to Physick, & Surgery 1 Vol. Octo Thompson’s Medical
Consultations 1 Vol. Octo Langrish's? Modern Theory & Prac-
tice of Physick 1 Vol Octo Pringle’s Observatns on the [ ]
of the Army in Camp & Garrison 1 Vol. Octo Le Dran
On Gun Shot-Wounds 1 Vol. Duodo Boyle’s Rects Duodo
Lowth’s English Grammar. Psalm Book. An Abridgement
of the Royal French Grammar in Manuscript.
Locke’s Essay on the Human Understanding 2 Vol. Octr
Arts Master Piece duodo (belonging to E. Dwight Esqr)

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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When the newly-trained physician, Dr. William Stoddard Williams (1762-1829) left Deerfield, Massachusetts, for his first job in the Berkshires town of Richmond, he packed books - more than two dozen medical texts plus English and French grammars, Locke's work on philosophy, and a psalm book - and enough clothing to carry him through the change of seasons until he moved back to Deerfield in July, 1786. Both the number of clothing items and the items themselves suggest a gentleman's inventory. His list includes three coats and two overcoats, plus one white jacket "with French quilting," nine vests (including two striped and one of cashmere), eight pairs of breeches, four hats, nine pair of gloves, and twelve pairs of stockings made of "thread," "worsted," and "yarn." His seven shirts included two that were "ruffled."

* Note especially the "1 Pair Breeches & Jacket Solo. [his younger brother] bro't up to have ye Small Pox in." He may have been planning to go to a "pest house" in order to be inoculated himself or to spend time in a pest house as a physician and wanted clothes specifically for that purpose.


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A List of Wearing Apparel, Books, &c. of William Stoddard Williams

creator   William Stoddard Williams, M.D. (1762-1829)
date   1785
location   Deerfield, Massachusetts
height   12.25"
width   7.5"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Personal Documents/Journal
accession #   #L99.029

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