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front St. Stanislaus
By 1900 one in every ten Catholics in America was of Polish origin.
front Willow Basket
c. 1920
Eastern European immigrants introduced willow basket making to Deerfield, Massachusetts, artisans.
document "Aliens in New England" article in Greenfield's Gazette and Courier newspaper
Dec 7, 1912
A 1912 article sympathetically describes the newcomers to New England from Eastern Europe, particularly Poland. Although burdened with some stereotypes, the article praises immigrants as hard-working and industrious and subtly contrasts them to the native farmer.
Title page "Immigrants in Industries, Part 24: Recent Immigrants in Agriculture" from Reports of the Immigration Commission
These Connecticut Valley excerpts from the Dillingham Commission represent the government's first efforts to understand immigration. Dillingham, however, was a strong opponent of immigration and he used these figures to justify the nation's first immigration quotas.
document "Will Visit Native Land" from The Greenfield Recorder
Jan 17, 1920
In 1920, two Polish-born residents of Turners Falls decided to return to Poland to wrap up some loose ends. With the end of World War I (1914-1918), travel had once again become possible to Poland.
document "The Poles at Turners Falls" article from Greenfield Gazette and Courier newspaper
Sep 29, 1900
The arrival of Poles in the area around Greenfield was feared by some but welcomed by others. This article falls somewhere in-between, giving reasons why residents should welcome them, but also characterizing them as rough-edged and a bit uncivilized
document "The Need of an Immigration Test" article from the Greenfield Gazette and Courier newspaper
Jan 5, 1901
One of the methods opponents of immigration urged to stop the flow of arrivals from southern and eastern Europe was to impose a literacy test on new immigrants. But as this article shows, literacy tests were seen by these advocates as one way to stop immigration entirely.
document "Are We To Be Polanized?" article from the Greenfield Gazette and Courier newspaper
May 19, 1900
The arrival of immigrants from Poland worried many who thought that they could never assimilate into the society of the United States. This article bluntly asserts that these new arrivals are "our inferiors."
document "Farmers Value Polish Help"
Jun 2, 1900
Although many feared the arrival of Polish immigrants in the Connecticut Valley, some spoke out in their favor. This small article supports an earlier one that was optimistic about the eventual assimilation of Poles into U.S. society.
document "The Incoming of the Poles"
May 26, 1900
This May 29, 1900 article from a Greenfield, Massachusetts, newspaper, makes observations on the recent influx of immigrants from Poland to the Connecticut River Valley.


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