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document "Women and Girls Over 18" employment ad in Greenfield's Gazette and Courier newspaper
Jun 22, 1918
World War I forced a number of manufacturers to change their work practices, as this advertisement from the Greenfield Gazette from June, 1918, demonstrated: women were now in demand as workers.
document "Aliens in New England" article in Greenfield's Gazette and Courier newspaper
Dec 7, 1912
A 1912 article sympathetically describes the newcomers to New England from Eastern Europe, particularly Poland. Although burdened with some stereotypes, the article praises immigrants as hard-working and industrious and subtly contrasts them to the native farmer.
document "Practical Art Lectures"
Jan 20, 1906
The democratization of art was one of the primary missions of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the United States and England.
document "Artistic Picture Framing"
Jan 27, 1906
In keeping with the Arts and Crafts movement's educational philosophy, Will Hutchins offers art theory as it relates to picture framing.
document "Expansion of Deerfield Arts and Crafts"
Jun 23, 1906
The 1906 arts and crafts exhibit in Deerfield, Massachusetts, included textiles from many distant lands, reflecting late 19th- and early 20th-century America?s fascination with the Far and Near East.
document "Deerfield Exhibit of Painting"
Jul 14, 1906
The 1906 arts and crafts show in Deerfield, Massachusetts, included well-known artists whose paintings of nature, among other subjects, took the exhibit to new heights.
document "Two Art Lectures"
Mar 18, 1905
The Arts and Crafts movement inspired the creation of local arts and crafts societies throughout the United States.
document "Class in Color Design"
May 20, 1905
The Arts and Crafts movement wanted to bridge the gap between fine and applied arts.
document "The Talented Sketch Class"
May 27, 1905
During the late 19th and early 20th centuries more and more women had leisure time which they could apply to the study of art.
document "Our Greenfield Artists"
Jul 15, 1905
During the early 20th century, Deerfield was a mecca of fine arts and crafts.


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