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Page 1 Oath of Allegiance [Faith]
Apr 8, 1787
Newly elected town officers were made to swear this oath in the early years of the United States in order for the town's government to be free of secret loyalists, radicals, or other malcontents.
document List of Colrain Insurgents
This is a list of the insurgents from Colerain, Massachusetts, who participated in Shays' Rebellion.
Page 1 Deerfield Academy Student Roster
For the first ten years after it opened on January 1, 1799, Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts, kept a written record of the students who attended each term.
Page 1 Seating of the Meeting House
Jan 7, 1788
Most New England Congregational churches in the 17th and 18th centuries assigned meetinghouse seating according to social and economic status, with the most prominent members of the community sitting closer to the pulpit.
document Deerfield Academy Student Roster
Early enrollment lists from Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts, provide more than a record of who attended, showing, for example, that Deerfield's young men did not enroll during planting and harvesting seasons.
Page 1 Reasons in Favor or Against the Trolley Route in Deerfield
c. 1900
For several years before the trolley came to Deerfield, Massachusetts, residents voiced opinions both for and against laying the tracks down the town?s main street.


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